Latin Concerts in San Antonio January 2024 | Top 4

If you are in Texas and want to enjoy some good Latin-flavored music to start off this year, then look no further. Here at JefeBet, we have set out to compile some Latin concerts in San Antonio January 2024 for you to enjoy either accompanied or individually.

It goes without saying that most of these events won’t take place until well past the middle of the month, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan which one you’ll attend. Keep reading and choose your preference!

Latin concerts in San Antonio January 2024 | The 4 best musical events

It’s clear that Texas is a state with an incredible influence of Latin culture due to the large number of people from the Latin community living there, including in one of its most important cities, San Antonio.

There will be a show for various tastes, but without further ado, here are the four best Latin concerts in San Antonio in January 2024.

1 – Mariachi Las Coronelas | 22 de enero

Nothing reflects the Mexican sentiment more than the mariachi, and on January 22nd, Mariachi Las Coronelas, an all-female mariachi group, will be performing at Stable Hall in San Antonio. They promise to brighten the night with their great music.

Certainly, there will be various performances by this talented group that are sure to resonate with those who enjoy these melodies, so get ready not to miss out on what this group has in store for you.

2 – Mariachi Damas de Jalisco | 22 de enero

Las Coronelas won’t be the only ones making an appearance at Stable Hall on the night of January 22nd; Mariachi Damas de Jalisco will also take the stage to join them in what promises to be a long evening.

It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer, but one thing is certain: your ears will delight in the iconic tunes of the mariachi at these Latin concerts in San Antonio in January 2024.

3 – Flaco Jiménez | 27 de enero

We jump from January 22nd to January 27th, and from mariachi to Tex-Mex with a familiar face of the local scene. Flaco Jiménez will also be performing at Stable Hall, continuing the legacy left by his father, Santiago Jiménez Sr., another renowned figure in Tejano music.

Flaco Jiménez is known for playing the accordion, and his melodies range from country to rock and regional Mexican music. If you want to delight in his mastery of this instrument, we recommend not missing this evening.

4 – Los Texmaniacs | 27 de enero

There’s no doubt that Stable Hall will be the gathering place for Latin concerts in San Antonio in January 2024, and another group performing on the same night as Flaco Jiménez will be Los Texmaniacs.

This Norteño and Tejano music band holds a Grammy to their name, winning that award in 2010, which should already give you an idea of the kind of show you can expect from this group with over 15 years of activity.


If you want to attend Latin concerts in San Antonio in January 2024, you know where to go, and you also know where to look if you want to find more Latin events in your city in the future. Don’t miss out on everything JefeBet has for you!

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