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LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant | Why Kobe is the superior superstar

LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant. It’s one of the most popular NBA topics out there. But we are here to settle the discussion in favor of Kobe Bryant, who should always and forever be viewed as a far better player than LeBron. Let us give you three reasons why below. Also, don’t forget to check out other NBA content here to help you make the best betting decisions.

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant: Why The Black Mamba will always be greater than The King

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant | Why Kobe is King

Count the rings

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant | Why Kobe is King

Here’s one undisputable fact: Kobe Bryant won more rings than LeBron has so far. The Black Mamba took home a total of five NBA championship rings. He was a major component and arguably the most important piece of each of the Lakers squads that completed a three-peat from 2000 to 2002. Then he won two more with Pau Gasol in 2009 and in 2010. LeBron is a winner himself with four NBA titles, having reached the pinnacle of the league in 2012,2013, 2016, and 2020.

At 38 years old, LeBron’s window to win another title is rapidly closing — if it hasn’t closed yet. After getting swept by Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets in the 2023 NBA Western Conference Finals, LeBron sent shockwaves across the basketball universe when he hinted about potentially retiring from the game as a player.

That remains unlikely to happen, but again, it’s not like there is still enough gas left in his tank to go and win two more NBA rings and surpass Kobe’s ring collection. You could even argue that the fourth NBA ring that LeBron deserves to have an asterisk given that he won it in the Bubble. Plus, LeBron already has failed six times in the NBA Finals. Kobe lost just once. The rings alone will tell all you need to know why Kobe will and should always be ahead of LeBron.

Clutch genes

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant | Why Kobe is King

Even if you like LeBron, you will have to admit that when a bucket is needed in the clutch and when the game is on the line, you would want to give the rock to Kobe than to The King.

Without a doubt, Kobe was the more feared clutch performer than LeBron James will ever be. Kobe would not have reached the status he enjoyed and earned the level of both respect and fear from opposing defenders without him proving over and over and over and over again that he can deliver the goods when it mattered the most.

While LeBron would very much likely pass the ball and make the “intelligent” decision, Kobe always had his attack mode on, especially in the clutch. It did not matter to Kobe if a phalanx of defenders already anticipated that he was going to take the shot.

Kobe did everything in his power to knock down a game-winning bucket because everyone in the building knew that he was the most capable. Whether Kobe hit or missed his last shot, his teammates, his fans, and Lakers supporters never doubted his mental fortitude and ability to bury the dagger. That you can’t honestly say about LeBron James with a straight face.

Defense matters

LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant | Why Kobe is King

Everyone knows how Kobe’s killer mentality on offense, but he was just as voracious on the court as a defender. LeBron always finds success with his chase-down blocks and rebounding, but when it comes to actually stopping the other team’s best offensive threat, Kobe was just on a higher level.

Kobe was not satisfied by simply scoring a ton of buckets. He was always looking to force opponents into committing turnovers, making bad shots, and poor decisions. The Black Mamba was named to the All-Defensive team a total of 12 times in his career, while LeBron only has gotten such honor six times.

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